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Project Description

TreeView.Mvc.Demo project demonstrates the use of MultiSelectTreeView.Mvc NuGet package in MVC application

Overview of MultiselectTreeView.Mvc package

This package provides a TreeView control facilitating following key features:
- Many-to-many relational data (with obvious support of one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one relational data)
- Selection of multiple TreeView nodes
- No limit on number of levels in TreeView
- Submit/ Post data from TreeView control to the specified submit action (HttpPost) of a controller.
- Styling is defaulted to bootstrap, so if the MVC application already has bootstrap then the control will display automatically as per boostrap's styling. Or else, the control is also providing full control over styling.
- Easy to integrate (steps explained in the documentation)


- DTech.Core (NuGet package containing compatible models and builder classes for this TreeView control)
- JQuery 1.8.2 or later
- Automapper 3.3.0 or later

Project Documentation

Check out the documentation page to learn how to use MultiSelectTreeView.Mvc page

Demo screen (with default styling)

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